This March, Regional Water Providers to Conduct Routine Water Quality Maintenance Program






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This March, Regional Water Providers to Conduct

Routine Water Quality Maintenance Program

 Month-long water treatment change from chloramines
to free chlorine to ensure year-round water quality;

Specific water users instructed to take appropriate steps

Lancaster County, February 15, 2021:  In a continuing effort to distribute high-quality drinking water, regional water providers Union County Public Works, Anson County Public Works, Monroe Water and Sewer, and Lancaster County Water and Sewer District are joining together to conduct a routine, annual Water Quality Preventive Maintenance Program. 

This program will involve temporarily switching the systems’ water disinfectant from chloramines to free chlorine in order to optimize water quality within their distribution systems. The water will remain completely safe for consumption and will continue to meet all federal and state water quality standards. 

This maintenance process is recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control (SC DHEC), and North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The process maintains high water quality by removing any biofilm and bacteria from the water distribution system mains; reducing the formation of nitrates and nitrites (nitrification); and reducing taste and odor issues. 

The annual Water Quality Preventive Maintenance Program will last from March 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021. During the program, some water customers may notice temporary taste, color, or odor differences in their water. This is a normal component of the process. 

Although most customers will not notice any difference in their water, the water providers are recommending three groups of water users take the special precautions, as applicable, prior to the March 1 start of the program. These customers are specifically advised to seek professional advice for the appropriate steps to accommodate the change in water disinfection. 

1) Kidney dialysis providers/patients;

2) Fish, pond, pool and aquarium owners/operators; and

3) Businesses that use water in their production process. 

When the program is completed, the water providers will return to using chloramines to treat your water. 

This maintenance program is being performed at this time of year when water usage is low, as to limit stress on the system.  You may see crews performing flushing operations at hydrants to ensure chlorinated water is dispersed through the entire water system. 

When the program is completed on March 31, the disinfection process will return to using chloramines. 

For further information or with specific questions, residents may contact their local water provider. Media inquiries may be directed to the contacts listed above. 

The water providers, and their service areas taking part in the program, are as follows: 

Lancaster County: Public water systems in the cities of Lancaster, Health Springs, and Kershaw, and unincorporated areas of Lancaster County served by LCWSD. 

Union County: Public water systems in Weddington, Wesley Chapel, Waxhaw, Marvin, Indian Trail, Stallings, Wingate, Marshville, Fairview, Unionville, and unincorporated areas of Union County served by Union County Public Works. 

Anson County: Public water systems in Wadesboro, Morven, Lilesville, Peachland, Polkton, Marshville, & Ansonville, and unincorporated areas of Anson County, as well as portions of Richmond County and Chesterfield County, SC, served by Anson County Public Works. 

Monroe: Public water sytem in Monroe, NC


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These organizations work in cooperation with one another to provide potable drinking water to portions of the 5-county region including Union, Anson, and Richmond counties in North Carolina and Lancaster and Chesterfield counties in South Carolina.

For more information on these utilities, please visit:

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