Capital Improvement Plan

LCWSD has established a twenty (20) year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) based on allowable densities and projected water and wastewater demands of Lancaster County. This CIP will allow LCWSD to continue to grow and expand its water and wastewater infrastructure to meet the residential, commercial and industrial growth over the next twenty (20) years. This CIP is a plan for the future and is updated at least every two years or as needed and changes based on allowable densities, growth and other factors.

New Water Construction

Water Capital Improvements are projected to include:

Continuation of design, permitting, and construction of the Catawba River Water Treatment Plant Reservoir Project and other WTP Process Modifications with a combined cost in excess of $25,000,000.  Other water system improvements included in the implementation of our Capital Improvements Plan include water transmission and distribution system improvements during the next five (5) year time frame with an estimated cost of approximately $6,000,000. 


New Wastewater Construction

Wastewater Capital Improvements are projected to include:

Wastewater Capital Improvements are to include system improvements and extensions over the next five (5) year time frame with an estimated cost of more than $7,000,000.  These system improvements include installation of wastewater collection lines to serve areas with failing septic systems; expansion of master-planned gravity sewer systems to sustain current growth and support future growth; and commencing implementation of a new 18” and 24″ force main interceptor in the north end of the Lancaster Panhandle to provide capacity, redundancy, and reliability for system demands.  

LCWSD will continue to monitor growth and wastewater demands as needed for planned improvements at the Indian Land Wastewater Treatment Plant and to support developer-driven master planned improvements.