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For information purposes

LCWSD has been made aware that some of our customer service areas may be receiving a letter from companies offering “water line” or “utility line” insurance. LCWSD is not affiliated with these companies and does not approve or disapprove the services they may offer. It is the customers discretion to pursue any services they may provide.


August 31st 2017

LCWSD has received several inquiries about “Water Testing” info/packets that have been distributed to some of our service areas. This “Water Testing” campaign is not sponsored or approved by LCWSD. This usually happens several times a year from companies attempting to sell “water softening” or “water treatment’ devices. LCWSD is not associated with this in anyway.

July 5, 2017

Drought Notice Downgraded from Stage 1 to Stage 0

Stage 0 is a voluntary stage where all water customers are asked to monitor their consumption.

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LCWSD serves over 90% of Lancaster County with water services to nearly 25,435 retail customers and sewer services to nearly 14,126 retail customers. LCWSD also provides wholesale water service to neighboring water providers such as the City of Lancaster, Town of Heath Springs, Town of Kershaw, & Carolina Water Service. These wholesale customers supply water service to nearly 9,000 retail customers. LCWSD’s employment team consists of over 70 employees who are dedicated to providing dependable water and wastewater service to Lancaster County 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.