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 6/25/2018 Voluntary Watering Restrictions

We request customers to voluntarily avoid watering until temperatures drop or we get more consistent rain.  Due to extreme high temperatures combined with below normal rainfall this past month, LCWSD has been experiencing historically high water system demands.  Although we are not in a drought condition; the high water demands are approaching our current treatment capacities.    Capacity improvements are in progress over the next two summers; however, we are currently limited in extreme conditions.  Until then, we appreciate your cooperation. 

Below are some Lawn Care Tips:

A healthy lawn is a good filter absorbing particulates normally washed into streams.

  Here are tips to keep a lawn healthy and conserve water: During high summer temperatures, the natural reaction for lawns is to slow down growth

  • Many turf grasses do better when managed on the dry side and not wet.  When the soil is constantly wet, grass roots can become deprived of oxygen and are more susceptible to disease
  • The first signs of summer do not automatically mean water lawns.  Letting lawns experience mild drought stress can enhance rooting.
  • On heavy clay soils and slopes, avoid excessive runoff.  Letting water hit the driveway or run into the street is wasteful

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