Start or Stop Bank Draft


There may be a 2 month delay in starting/stopping bank drafts depending on where we are in the billing process when we receive your request.  With a start bank draft form, please continue to pay your bill as normal until you see the wording “To be drafted on xx/xx/xxxx” in the blue shaded area of your bill above the “comments” section.  Likewise if you send in a stop bank draft form, it will continue to draft from that account until you no longer see the “To be drafted on xx/xx/xxxx” in the blue shaded area.  There may be a delay with changing bank drafts as well.  Please call 1.803.285.6919 or (Toll Free)1.800.832.2126 with questions.

These forms can be used to start/change or stop drafts from your bank account.  The signed authorization forms can be submitted by mail, fax, or email.

Authorization to Start / Change Bank Draft

Authorization to Stop Bank Draft

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