Policies & Procedures

Developer Policies

The purpose of the Lancaster County Water & Sewer District (District) Water and Wastewater Developer Policy (Policy) is to set forth the requirements which real estate developers of all residential, commercial, and/or industrial properties must satisfy in order to extend water and/or wastewater lines within Lancaster County.  The policy was adopted with the intention of the District to balance the needs of each development project in maintaining uniform standards and an orderly procedure. 

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Forms and Policies 

Apendix 1 – Grant of Pipeline Easement
Apendix 2 – Corporate Mortgage
Apendix 4 – Request for Review on Intent to Develop
Apendix 5 – Agreement Form
Apendix 7 – Certificate of No-Litigation
Apendix 8 – Contractor Guaranty
Apendix 17 – Unit Contributory Loadings to Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Apendix 18 – Projected Flows Table

Water and Wastewater Developer Policy

Dedication Agreement

 Amendment to LCWSD Water & Wastewater Developer Policy, Chapter 2 Developers’ Procedures, Preface, pp. 8-9   

Developer Procedures

These procedures are intended to merely be used as a guide by the developer/Engineer to assist them with the requirements of the District's and Sewer Specifications for assistance. 

Developer Procedures & Forms

Developer Procedures

Right of Way Acquisition Process

Master Metering Guidelines